P4 command-line cheat sheet – Helix / Perforce

The following is a list of commands for Perforce.


p4 add Open a new file to add it to the depot
p4 change Create or edit a changelist description
p4 changes Display list of pending and submitted changelists
p4 client Create or edit a client specification and its view
p4 clients Display list of known clients
p4 clean Delete or refresh local files to match depot state
p4 diff Display diff of client file with depot file
p4 edit Open an existing file for edit
p4 flush Update a client workspace’s have list without copying any files
p4 have List revisions last synced
p4 lock Lock an opened file against changelist submission
p4 move Move file(s) from one location to another
p4 opened Display list of files opened for pending changelist
p4 print Retrieve a depot file to the standard output
p4 reconcile Opens files for edit, add or delete
p4 rename Explains how to rename files
p4 reopen Change the type or changelist number of an opened file
p4 reshelve Copies shelved files from an existing shelf
p4 resolve Merge open files with other revisions or files
p4 resolved Show files that have been merged but not submitted
p4 revert Discard changes from an opened file
p4 shelve Store files from a pending changelist into the depot
p4 status Reports which files need to be added, opened or deleted
p4 submit Submit open files to the depot
p4 sync Synchronize the client with its view of the depot
p4 undo Undo a range of revisions
p4 unlock Release a locked file but leave it open
p4 unshelve Restore shelved files from a pending change into a


p4 update Update workspace without clobbering files changed
since last sync
p4 aliases Get a listing of all currently defined aliases
p4 annotate Print file lines along with their revisions
p4 cstat Lists the changes not synchronized in the current client
p4 depots Display list of depots
p4 describe Display a changelist description
p4 diff2 Display diff of two depot files
p4 dirs List subdirectories of a given depot directory
p4 filelog List revision history of files
p4 files List files in the depot
p4 fstat Dump file info
p4 grep Print lines in files (or revisions of files) that match a pattern
p4 help Print this help message
p4 ignores Displays the ignore mappings
p4 info Print out client/server information
p4 integrated Show integrations that have been submitted
p4 interchanges Lists changes not yet integrated from source to target
p4 istat Shows the stream’s integration status
p4 sizes Display size information for files in the depot
p4 where Show how file names map through the client view
Local Security
p4 tickets Display list of session tickets for this user
p4 trust Establish trust of an SSL connection to a Helix service
Server Security
p4 login Login to Helix by obtaining a session ticket
p4 login2 Perform second factor authentication
p4 logout Logout of Helix by removing or invalidating a ticket
p4 passwd Set user password on server (and Windows client)
p4 set Set variables in the registry (Windows only)
Branching and Merging
p4 branch Create or edit a branch specification
p4 branches Display list of branches
p4 copy Makes target identical to source by branching, replacing or
p4 integrate Schedule integration from one file to another
p4 merge Merge changes from one set of files into another
p4 populate Branches files to target without requiring a workspace
p4 prune Remove unmodified branched files from a stream
p4 stream Create or edit a stream specification
p4 streams Display a list of known streams
p4 switch Switch to and/or create a new stream/branch (DVCS)


p4 fix Mark jobs as being fixed by named changelists
p4 fixes List what changelists fix what job
p4 job Create or edit a job (defect) specification
p4 jobs Display list of jobs
p4 label Create or edit a label specification and its view
p4 labels Display list of labels
p4 labelsync Synchronize label with the current client contents
p4 tag Tag files with a label


p4 attribute Set per-revision attributes on revisions
p4 cachepurge Reclaim disk space on a replica
p4 counter Display, set, or delete a counter
p4 counters Display list of known counters
p4 depot Create or edit a depot specification
p4 grant-permission Assign permissions for the depot of type graph
p4 logger Report what jobs and changelists have changed
p4 review List and track changelists (for the review daemon)
p4 reviews Show what users are subscribed to review files
p4 key Display, set, or delete a key/value pair
p4 keys Display list of known keys and their values
p4 admin Perform administrative operations on the server
p4 archive Archive obsolete revisions to archive depots
p4 configure Set, unset, or show server configuration variables
p4 dbschema Reports schema information for the metadata tables
p4 dbstat Display size or simple statistics for a database table
p4 dbverify Perform low-level verification of the database tables
p4 diskspace Display summary of disk space usage on server
p4 export Extract journal or checkpoint records
p4 jobspec Edit the job template
p4 journalcopy Copy journal data from master to local filesystem
p4 journaldbchecksums Write journal notes with table checkums
p4 ldap Create, modify, delete, or test an LDAP configuration
p4 ldaps Display list of LDAP configurations
p4 license Update or display the license file
p4 lockstat Report lock status of database tables
p4 logappend Append a line to server log file(s)
p4 logparse Display parsed server log records
p4 logrotate Rotate server log file(s)
p4 logschema Display schema information for server log
p4 logstat Report size of journal, error log, and/or audit log files
p4 logtail Display the last block(s) of the error log
p4 monitor Display current running Helix process information
p4 obliterate Remove files and their history from the depot
p4 ping Test network performance
p4 property Add, delete, or list property values
p4 pubkey Add, update, or delete an SSH public key on the Helix server
p4 pubkeys Display a list of the SSH public keys associated with a
specific user
p4 pull Pull journal or file data from master
p4 reload Reload metadata for an unloaded client or label
p4 replicate Poll for journal data and apply to another server
p4 repo Create, edit, or delete a repo specification
p4 repos Display a list of repos
p4 restore Restore archived revisions to their original location
p4 revoke-permission Remove user or group access to a depot of type
graph or to a repo
p4 server Create or edit a server specification
p4 serverid Get or set the unique ID associated with a Helix Server
p4 servers Display list of servers
p4 show-permission Display the permissions for a depot of type graph
p4 triggers Modify list of pre-submit and form-validating triggers
p4 typemap Modify the file name-to-type mapping table
p4 unload Unload metadata for an unused client or label
p4 verify Verify that the server archives are intact


(admin and super commands)
p4 group Change members of a user group
p4 groups List groups of users
p4 protect Modify protections in the server namespace
p4 protects Display protections in place for a given user/path
p4 renameuser Completely rename a user throughout the database
p4 user Create or edit a user specification
p4 users Display list of known users